My Heart & Intentions

by:Armand King

UPDATE: Raised In Pimp City book is published! Get your copy HERE.

As strong as I can possibly express to you let me say, yes pimping is wrong. The manipulation and even allowing someone to sell their body is wrong. In my opinion pimping is a bad act and a completely unhealthy negative way of life. I will continually mention this throughout my soon to be released book Raised In Pimp City. I need and want that to be clear. While in process of writing this book my dear friend made sure to tell me how important it was for me to lay my moral cards on the table. I truly do not want to be perceived as trying to gain sympathy for the exploitation that leads to pimping while at the same time minimizing the damage caused by that pimping. There’s a certain level of power, privilege, and culpability involved in pimping that can’t be denied. I want to make sure that you the reader understand that and I acknowledge that early on before we dig in any further.

As you read through this book I need you to not only read with your eyes and brain but I would humbly ask for you to open up your mind and your heart. My intentions are not for you to become sympathetic towards those victimized into pimping. I really want you to understand not only me myself personally but the thousands of people that I know that come from my same background and social demographics across America. As you read please know that I acknowledge that a sympathetic ear towards those victimized into pimping comes from more than just telling the longer, more complicated history of exploitation in black and brown and marginalized communities, from telling stories of how racist and class-biased social structures demean and diminish and leave few options, from pointing out the cost of social sin and cycles of dysfunction that play themselves out in the lives of particular individuals, sometimes across generations. In the midst of these arguments and explanations, I really want you to know that I Armand King am taking complete ownership of my actions as a man who has victimized people. In my ignorance and youth I have led men and women into becoming both pimps and prostitutes. Even women that I did not directly turn out, I did influence to get into the game. My actions were wrong and by no means the way I should’ve behaved. I recognize my sinful past and I am completely owning up to it. As you will read in my book, My life has completely turned around 360 degrees and I live out every waking moment striving to not only right my wrongs but to help others from going down the path that my peers and I traveled.

This is more than A book to me. This is not simply a dictation of historical facts of my personal opinion biased research. This entire book is a spiritual journey for me. Not only am I confessing things that I previously would have never thought would come out but because of the help of my close friends going through this writing process with me I am tapping into thoughts that I never even recognized within myself. There are areas of the game that I never bothered addressing or understanding that I have now dissected. Before writing this book I was already understanding the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to was wrong but through this deeper time of reflection I have been brought to me knees in repentance. I don’t know where my karma meter stands but I will spend the rest of my life striving to make my good deeds out weight those evil deeds of my past.

I am in no way trying to flatten every form of victimization into one form, as if they are all one big category of victimization. One of this books purposes is for you to see what it was like for me to merge into the lifestyle of pimping so that you can have a deeper understanding whoever I do not mean for this to seem as if I am putting up a fight for the victimization of those who become pimps to somehow be on par with or worse than those who were pimped out. With that being said, to any survivors of the game, and human sex trafficking please accept my deepest apology for anything that I have done in this game and anything that I may say that offends you. It is not my intentions to hurt or trigger you into a bad place. You have my utmost respect and admiration for still standing tall. To anyone that I have personally influenced into the game please try to understand that I was a lost youth and knew not the damage that I was causing to you.

God willing the book will be out for the public this Spring but in the meantime if you would like to learn more about the community that I represent and my personal background you can tune in to my podcast also called Raised In Pimp City on most major podcast platforms.