By Armand King

“Transferable skills” can be skills , traits, or behaviors that a person has acquired through past experiences. These skills are usually picked up over time, and can also be gained from previous positions, charity or voluntary work, your hobbies, or even just at home. Everyone has these transferable skills. People often times just need to be shown and made aware that they have them. You can not use what you do not recognize that you have.

People involved in illegal street life and more specifically prostitution often times remain in the game because they do not believe that they can do or be anything else. For many this has been a means to make money for many valuable years and there’s no hope inside of them of finding another occupation that they can get into. It is vital for the purpose of helping an individual out of the lifestyle of prostitution to be able to recognize that they do have skills that can be applied to the legal business/ professional world. Transferable skills are a core set of skills and abilities, which can be applied to a wide range of different jobs and industries. With a little motivation and direction they can recognize these skills that they already have and apply them to a better lifestyle. Not only do they show that they’d be a good fit for the team, they can also demonstrate what a person can bring to a job based off what they’ve learnt from previous positions or experiences. If an individual is currently lacking experience in the field they’re looking for work in, transferable skills can be a great way to highlight why they’re right for the role. This definitely works for individual coming from the game who may not be able to show a work history or resume.

“Dear Past, thank you for the lessons.” “Dear Future, I’m ready!”


Transferable Skills

Master the Art of Communication/ Network and Communicate

One skill that business Professionals need to have is the ability to network and communicate. As the saying goes “It’s not what you know but rather who you know.” To take that even further, it is not even “who you know” but “who knows you that matters”. Either way, for you to know people or people to know you you have to communicate.

Being a part of “the game” or as a prostitute you were more than likely a great communicator. In order to get a sell or to have a new person on their team they had to talk. When they operated out of their city O.T. (out of town) they had to communicate with others in the life from that new city. Not only did they have to talk to different men and women but they had to read their body movements and facial expressions. If they didn’t, this could be a matter of life and death.

A major concentration of a person in the game is to master the art of communication. The gift of communication is an essential talent that many hustlers have in all forms of street business. If this skill is harnessed correctly it can be used in many legitimate trades. Everything from being a waiter bringing in $200.00 a night to a corporate marketing firm making a six figure salary.

Prostitutes who were actively striving to attract potential clients would target specific locations where they knew high end tricks/ buyers would be. They would mingle, conversate, socialize, and eventually attempt to gain the male as a new client. This is not only networking but also a sales tactic used by business professionals in all industries. Most people who were involved in prostitution became masters at networking.

Actual jobs/ position ideas that can be attached to this skill;

  1. Network Marketing
  2. Administrative assistant
  3. Sales person
  4. Customer service
  5. Brand ambassador
  6. Communication specialist


Every business has some sort of brand. Every individual person has a brand. Whether a good brand or a bad brand. You will have a brand. A brand can be a term, name, design, symbol,characteristic, behavior, or feature that you or your organization has that you are identified with that makes you different than others.

If you are a survivor of the game or hustler than you have already been involved in some sort of branding. As a person in the game you are your own brand . The individual in the game maybe known for being consistent, appearance, always on time, always late. Good or bad they created a brand for themself. they were the business and their reputation and the way they operated was their brand.

In the game you developed a brand for yourself as if you were a walking business. Your appearance was either flashy, conservative, incognito , or a mixture. These different characteristics and looks that a person had in the game were forms of branding. Another form of branding was the imagery that was used on line to advertise themselves to potential customers

In most of the different levels of street life people take on a nickname to describe who we are or trying to represent. Once they have that name people try to live up to whatever that name is. Your brand is your identity. Members of the street life have been working on branding since they were kids. Without knowing what they were doing they had actually become branding expert.


Whether the survivor was working the street blades (Outside), the internet (Inside), strip club or casino (Carpet) they were engaged in some sort of marketing to catch the eye of potential clients. Prostitute have even been known to pass out cards with their information on them. In the recent decade the growth of the use of the internet in day to day life and business has become pretty evident. The usage of the internet in the prostitution industry has nearly taken over all physical street activity. Thousands of ads are placed on line daily. Posted not only by the trafficker but many if not most are produced by the prostitute them self. Social media sites as well are used for self marketing.

Actual jobs/ position ideas that can be attached to this skill;

  1. Ad placement
  2. Marketing
  3. E Commerce
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Advertising
  6. Product & Brand awareness
  7. Market research
  8. Other skills surrounding conducting online business


Sells of drugs, sex, or other items may be illegal however the process is a very similar process to what many successful businesses have been involved in for years. Identify a market in need of a service or goods. Charge a rate that the customer will pay and that you will profit from. Market and distribute that product and service. This method is exactly what survivors have been involved in. Without knowing they have been involved in and learning a key element of business. Sells. Although they may have had the wrong or illegal product at the time the fact remains that they are experienced in sells. This skill is valuable and everybody is not capable of succeeding at it. Being good at sells and learning the art of supply and demand all that they need to do is get the right legal product in hand and the sky’s the limit.

They must remember that the money may not be as large or as fast as selling an illegal product. Selling legal products will however not lead you to jail or prison. For every year you spend locked up for taking a short cut and going after the fast buck you could have been using your sells gift to build wealth that would never be taken away.

Actual jobs/ position ideas that can be attached to this skill;

  1. Retail salesperson
  2. Corporate salesperson
  3. Telemarketing
  4. Health & Life Insurance sales

Supply and Demand

Often times what leads to a person being considered trafficked is the movement of their body across county and state lines. A large majority of the time that this happens is because the individual is going to a area where they believe that they have a chance at making more money than where they are currently located. The demand may be high for sex industries workers in that particular region so traveling to that location is money motivated. This is called supply and demand in the business world. This is a skill that most hustlers gain in the streets. As a once street hustler myself I realized that being the distributor of a product is not a bad thing if your product is right.

Transferable Attributes

Risk Taking

Any successful business person or entrepreneur will tell you that at some point you must take risk. A scared person will never win in the business world. At some point in your pursuit of wealth and positioning in this capitalistic society you will have to test your limits and others limits.

Many of us that are in the street life are extreme risk takers. A prostitute takes a life threatening risk every time they make money. Every strangers car that they get into and every hotel visit could be the end of their life. Yes the risk that people take in the game can cost their life literally. If not death, they are risking going to jail and prison. Illegal hustles are just that…illegal. There are laws in place that help support or remove charges for prostitution but as we all know there are still acts of involvement that can lead someone in the life into a jail cell. Some of these laws we may believe are unjust , racist, crooked, or just plain evil. No matter what we may feel about them the fact remains that they are there.

If people are willing to take risks that can cost them their life, their children’s futures and going to prison. Why not take that same risk mentality and apply it to a job or to a business?

All entrepreneurs and business professionals must take risk from day 1. There are no guarantees in starting and running your own business or embarking upon a career. Yes they may not make the money that they were making in the street life right away. Yes they might not like the job that they get at first but two things are for sure: They will not die and they will not go to prison if they’re on the right side of the law.

Risk taking is a trait that all successful people in business and the professional world have. Risk taking is a trait that all persons in the game and street hustlers not only have but have mastered. A mastery that has probably gone unnoticed. With most people in the game just waking up in the morning is a risk. In my time in the game I would cross this country visiting different cities with the intention of making a lot of money. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t. The risk are many and may vary from being robbed, rapped, going to jail, losing property, and the list goes on.

When we were in the game and street life we operated with no fear and no worry of our potential failures. Most of the time we just believe that we are going to make some money if we accomplish our goal. That same fearlessness and that same relentless desire that we used for the game is valuable in the legal business world. The fearlessness of the risk for the potential reward is a strength.


Being an entrepreneur or building a career requires tenacity. Building a professional career is not a sprint it is a marathon. You have to be able to live not knowing for sure if your business is going to work or not. You have to grind regardless of the immediate outcome. You have to grind through the setbacks and obstacles. To be tenacious you must have perseverance, commitment, bounce back skills, and be determined.

Tenacity is a trait that most survivors have. Regardless of obstacles they continue to push. Regardless of going to jail, being robbed, beat, or just taking a loss survivors will start all over and grind again. As someone that grew up in the game I tried all kinds of come up schemes in attempts to make money. I had some good runs but always seemed to fail at the end, faced with starting all over, like most hustlers in the game. I had the tenacity of a great entrepreneur. Matter of fact, I believe people in the game have more tenacity than a square entrepreneur with a Harvard business degree.

Staying Hungry

A person in the game/ street hustler knows that they have to stay hungry. Not for food for the body but financial food for their wallet. A hustler will make a sell, steal, or sell their body and be ready to do it again and again and again. There is no dollar amount that is the ending point. That is because a true hustler knows that they must grind to live. To feed themselves and their family if they have one. This hunger for financial prosperity must be constantly worked for.

In the business world the same hunger must be applied. Just because a person is a hustler with a strong appetite on the streets doesn’t mean that the hunger changes in the legit business world. That same grind a street hustler has on the internet and boulevards must be the same on the legit grind. Never stop pushing and transfer that hunger for money into in a venture that will not cost your life. Once this is harnessed and mastered they can succeed beyond measure.

Critical Thinking

According to Google a “critical thinker” is a noun that means “The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.” This simply means taking a situation and looking at it in all angles and figure out what is really going on.

People involved in the “game” have grown to be extensive critical thinkers. For example every time a prostitute went into a house or hotel room to make a sell critical thinking was implemented. The very first thing they would do is analyze and recognize what the situation looked like. This is where their critical thinking came on and then a decision was made that could cost their freedom or life.

This is just a small example of critical thinking. Critical thinking is something that a person in the street game must utilize all of the time. Did you know that critical thinking is a skill of a successful businessman. Every business deal, purchase, sell, new partners, and expansion must be critically thought about. If you are a critical thinker you have a well needed skill for business development.

Focus And Discipline

When you have a hustle that your life depends on, you must not only focus on it but you must be disciplined enough not to mess it up. In the sex industry their hustle was selling their body. People involved were putting their physical safety on the line. Involved individuals would have to make sure that they were being cautious. Not being cautious could cost them not only their life but the people’s lives that were around them. In order to maintain their hustle and to come up financially a involved individual could not let anything or anyone distract them.

Discipline must go right along with focus. If they’re focused on a mission but not disciplined than the focus really was pointless. That same focus and discipline that was applied in the game will enable them to prosper in the business world and life period. Those two traits will be the difference of them being broke at the end of the month or building wealth or at least an amount of money that will keep them from falling back into the life.

Competitive Spirit

As an individual that has been involved in the sex industry for years of their life they have got to be more competitive than others in the professional realm that may have been working on their career for many years. You have to be twice as hungry to make up for lost times. It must be set in their mind that nobody and no one will beat them to their goal. Just like being in the game when they didn’t want somebody to out shine them. That same competitive spirit when they wanted to lock down a corner, a client, or city. Transfer that drive into whatever venture, business, or job that they get. If they are supposed to be at work at 6AM get there at 5:30 AM. If they are in business selling t-shirts and four more people in your area are selling t-shirts, they have to work harder than them. Compete because if they don’t the next person will and they will be left in the same position forever.

In order to compete in some areas of life one must expand in knowledge. No that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to go to school. Yes school is great and I encourage people to go but no it is not necessary. Especially with the access to the internet. They can learn anything on Google, YouTube, or other source. The information is literally at their fingertips. It all starts with their desire to want it.

Sometimes their biggest competitor can be the person they see in the mirror. They have got to learn to not stand in their own way. Compete against their old self.